Available August 2012

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Real Intimacy, by Kristin B. Hodson, Alisha B. Worthington and Thomas G. HarrisonWritten by three colleagues from The Healing Group, the book Real Intimacy is just that — real. With unembarrassed candor, Kristin B. Hodson, Alisha B. Worthington and Thomas G. Harrison provide information, counsel and advice for married couples looking to find or re-kindle intimacy. It is not your typical “Mormon intimacy book.” The authors, who are LDS, felt the time had come for a straightforward and honest conversation about what most people are hoping for, but end up in therapy or divorcing or in intimacy-starved marriages because they don’t know how to achieve it — true marital intimacy and “oneness.”

It contains creative, humor-filled analogies and suggestions for initiating discussions about potentially awkward or taboo topics like sexual responsiveness and low sexual desire. It will help both spouses understand the way the other approaches physical and emotional intimacy with specific anecdotes and detailed information in a tastefully done format. Real Intimacy is what every couple needs for a lifetime of genuine, healthy sexuality.

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