Alisha Worthington, SSW

  • Brigham Young University, Bachelors of Social Work



Sex and intimacy are a major component to a successful relationship but many couples and individuals lack the education and tools they need to gain the intimacy they want. Alisha is a graduate of BYU in Social Work and co-authored the book, Real Intimacy, a Couples’ Guide to Healthy, Genuine Sexuality. She has appeared on X-96’s Radio From Hell show taking live calls, is a regular contributor to, and has had articles published in the Deseret News and other major news publications. She also appeared monthly on KUTV news discussing relationship and intimacy issues.


She believes knowledge is power and that the more a couple or individual can learn about each other, their own bodies, how to communicate about sex and intimacy, and what resources are available, the stronger and more satisfying the relationship will be. Moreover, the enjoys helping “stuck” couples move forward and as a Coach helps clients create the accountability they need to accomplish their relationship goals. She herself is a mother of seven and has been married almost 20 years and is passionate about helping people bring balance, passion, and satisfaction to this part of their lives.  She has trained with Gina Ogden and uses Ms. Ogden’s Isis Wheel method with many clients.She is a member of the Mormon Mental Health Association.  She also runs the free Postpartum Support Group held at THG each Wednesday at 12:30


Alisha offers a presentations to groups, organizations and couples on a variety of sexual health and education topics. One of her favorites is “Helping Couples Create a Love Contract.” If you are interested in having her present to your group you can email her at

  • Postpartum Support International