602444_10150906925581989_1893000188_nHave you ever felt like you wanted to express a feeling, idea or dream but couldn’t put it into words? Not everything can be communicated verbally which is where art therapy comes in. As human beings we all have different ways of expressing ourselves and sometimes words fail. Art therapists** are trained to use a variety of mediums in a meaningful and purposeful way to help assist you in exploring feelings, concepts, ideas, trauma and so on. Art therapy can be a wonderful compliment to talk therapy or the entire therapeutic process itself. The art therapists at The Healing Group are able to work as your primary therapist or adjunctively and collaboratively if you are stuck or plateaued in your current therapeutic process.


Art therapy is the professional practice of the therapeutic use of art. When an individual uses art to express themself, the expression is less defended than using the verbal and thus tends to more directly address issues, themes, etc. that can help the individual more efficiently access insight. Art therapy engages you in the creative process, allowing you to safely practice elements of play. When you can play, you can problem solve and imagine the possibilities for yourself.


Benefits of Art Therapy:

  • Utilizes both verbal and meta-verbal processing; works with and accesses all the senses

  • Flexible and portable

  • Short-term efficiency and long-term efficacy

  • Immediate, tangible results- clients are working in and beyond literal processing and receive tools and skills to utilize, process, and learn from post-session

  • Widely applicable- individual to group, young to old, able-bodied to disabled, healthy to ill

  • Client-centered; each session the therapist meets the client where they are and intuitively and professionally navigates the session from there

  • Transcends verbal therapy and taps into symbolism, metaphor, physical movement, and the senses, affording a more integrated therapeutic experience

  • Art therapy does not require clients to have any experience in art. Art therapists believe that each person is inherently creative and taps into an individual’s resources

  • There are no mistakes in art