individual counseling1Coaching is a unique offering at The Healing Group. While traditional therapy tends to be focused on resolving the past, our Coach is present and future-oriented. A Coach will help you set goals, work on communication skills, help create balance during your pregnancy and postpartum period and learn about your sexual health as an individual and/or in a relationship.


One of THG’s specialities is Sexual Health and Intimacy and our Coach has received specialized training to help teach individuals and couples about everything from anatomy, desire and arousal, sex tools and toys, how to talk about sex and intimacy, and so on. Just because you have the capacity to have sex doesn’t necessarily mean you know how. Let our Coach help you discover your knowledge gaps so you can begin to enjoy the sexual health you’ve wanted.


Read Alisha’s article on the difference between coaching and therapy to see if individual or couple’s coaching is right for you.

Offered by co-author of newly published book, Real Intimacy: A Couple’s Guide to Genuine, Healthy Sexuality, Alisha Worthington can help you create the intimacy you are looking for in your relationship.  She offers individual and couples coaching where you can safely and comfortably explore you sexual self and relationship. Coaching is different from therapy where it is more solution focused, short-term, with measurable goals.  Alisha is not a therapist and does not offer sex therapy or counseling of any kind.


Just our small disclaimer about our coaching services:


  • The Healing Group’s sex coaching services do not involve physical contact of ANY kind inside or outside of the office
  • We are not sexual surrogates
  • If issues present during your assessment or coaching sessions that move beyond the realm of “here and now” such as a history of sexual abuse, trauma or otherwise, you will be referred to a therapist for further care.


We reserve the right to end treatment at any point