individual counselingThe Healing Group is founded upon excellence, integrity, high ethical and moral standards, and continued education that keeps us abreast of the latest evidence-based treatments and honoring the gold-standard of the miracle of attachment. With these principles in place, the therapists, educators and interns at THG strive to provide the best quality care in the most client-centered way possible. Each has a unique background, skill-set and approach which will allow the individual, couple, or family the ability to connect with a therapist who can meet their needs.


Individual counseling at The Healing Group is about you having a safe space to process the overwhelming things; the delicate things; the scary things; the joyful things. It is your time to have yourself reflected back to you in ways you have longed for as you make a different self-concept real and the things you’ve been afraid to see about yourself, less charged.

Choosing a therapist that you will feel understood and seen by is a delicate balance of a specific list you likely have, and your gut instinct. We select therapists that not only have unique and specialized skillsets, they have the therapeutic presence that tells you they’re listening and they care because you are truly important. We invite you to read the bios and contact THG with any questions you may have. We’re also happy to assist you with selecting a provider that might be the best fit for you and your unique circumstances.